Seasonal Hair Changes

As the seasons change, so do the trends within the fashion industry. In the summer we go lighter and in the winter we go darker, but sometimes we change the styles just a little bit to make them relevant.

In the fall hair colors start to gradually become darker from our summer shades. Usually softer tones of brown and blonde to make hair have a sun kissed look. On the other hand, we like to let our hair grow out and wait for the repercussions.

It is when the fall is getting colder and starting the transition that we will dedicate time to our hair and color. Most people go darker. Some of the color choices for going darker are: black, dark brown, auburn, brown (if you are blonde), and dark red.

The winter and the holidays are when you everyone will have their darker hair out and ready to flaunt, except for those that are blonde and want to flaunt their golden locks.

When it changes to spring, the ombre or even just lighter shades comes into play. And if you want to change up the shades between spring and summer, add some pops of color like pink, purple, or blue.

Another thing that has become quite popular in the spring or summer is a triple ombre in three unconventional colors. Many people have used purple, blue, and pink to achieve this look and its great for any time, even if you want to do conventional colors.

A wrinkle in makeup application

When you apply your makeup its very rare that you will stop to think, “Oh, this will give me a wrinkle,” but maybe you should consider that possibility. Rachel Zoe’s Zoe Reportrecently talked about this, which reminded me of when my grandma caught me pulling the corner of my eye tight so that I could put on eyeliner as consistently as I wanted. She told me that by doing that, I would develop fine wrinkles around my eyes at a young age.

I never thought that she was right and I didn’t even think about it until I was doing makeup up for my friend. She wanted a cat eye and to get a nice dark line and better control, I used liquid eyeliner however when applying it I could not get a steady black line because she had fine wrinkles on the top of her eyelid from pulling the corner to apply her eyeliner.

This is not an issue but it helps you keep in mind how you pull and push your face when you apply it. Just keep in mind that this is also true when it comes to using brushes and how much pressure you apply to your face.

Eye shadow that compliments your eye color!

I have read a lot of magazines and ‘how to’ posts about makeup in my lifetime and oddly they all kind of say the same thing…don’t match your eye shadow and eye color. But this is not the case…

ThEyecolor-Eyeshadow-copyis chart shows the colors that will definitely make your eyes pop. For brown eyes blue does make it pop, but you have to avoid looking like a really cheap hooker (so ditch the red lipstick). But the colors on this list aren’t those that you have to stick to in order for your eyes to stand out. On more than one occasion I have used brown eyeshadow even thought I have brown eyes and I will use blues in the crease especially for a smokey eye to add more drama.

The same thing goes for green and blue. You can utilize the colors that they tell you to for your eyes, but if you utilize the color of your eyes in eyeshadow then the best way to do it would be to use it as the emphasis color in your smokey eye. Don’t use the same shade of your eye color as the eye shadow but a darker shade of it would definitely help in making your eyes pop.

For an everyday look, try a light shade of a color that accents your eyes. If you still want to make a pop, use an eyeliner that is a dark shade of your eye color for a pop. You can do the same thing by using an accent color instead of the eye color as the eyeliner shade.

And when in doubt brown is a universal shade that compliments every eye color. Go for the lighter hues during the day, and add a darker accent for an easy night transition.

Just remember this before you go to get an eyeshadow compact and it says it compliments your eye color because not all of those compacts are correct.

Those pesky little relationship titles

There was once this thing called a title in the universe that has since evolved into…well, nothing. How it used to work was that someone liked someone else and they would ask them to be in a relationship with them, but WAIT! Now, people are just exclusive. This is one of those taboo words that nobody wants to hear.

Exclusive is a funny way of saying that the two of you are together and will not be looking for something else while you are together.

Then why not give them the coveted relationship title?

There is a very simple answer for that…

Sometimes people bear the scars from past relationships and some have healed while others reopen when the prospect of a relationship is on the horizon. By giving them the exclusive title, they can see how trustful they are without the pressures of having friends and family seeing the two of you together when nothing might come out of it.

Then there’s the worst case scenario…that you are being “shelved.” By this I simply mean that he could be dating someone and you might make him happier but he doesn’t want to leave his current relationship without being sure. If this is the case, then he is cheating on his significant other but it would take some investigation on your part to find out.

But at the same time exclusive could just be the title that is used depending on the situation. Long distance or even college relationships would be the best time to use this title.

If you find yourself in a pickle where you have the exclusive title but want something more, then just be honest with your partner. I know that it is scary to put yourself out there and be vulnerable but sometimes the risks are worth the benefits.


Stickers! Stickers everywhere!

While gallivanting through Five Below the other day, I came across a great deal: 3 for $5 for Sally Hansen Nail Art Stickers! Considering that the cost of these is about $8 a pack, I could not resist such a deal even if they were the same design in different colors.


I had used the stickers once before for a Halloween design and they lasted me for about two to three weeks. The application process was very painless and the removal was even easier.

You might think that these are only made for a specific type of nail, however like press on nails, they come with a variety of shapes to fit every nail.

Because one of the trends is to paint your ring finger a different color, I did just that, which makes these stickers last twice as long since I now have the design for the ring finger saved.

The Application

As per usual, take off any existing nail polish and get your nails to a nice shape. Now the kit will come with a cuticle stick for you to push your cuticles back and I suggest that you do follow that because without it, the stickers might not fit your nails.

Now take the fine side of a nail file and rough up the top and sides of your nails. Like with a gel application, this helps the materials stick to your nails.

With a cotton swab (of some sort) give your nails a final cleaning with nail polish remover. This is very important as it helps remove the oils on your nails and helps it stick better.

Then you pick out which stickers will best fit your nails. After that take off the clear film on the top, followed by the film on the back of the nail (where it is tacky).

Fold the excess over the edge of your nail and take your nail file (usually one is provided but not always) and gently file off the excess of the sticker.

Repeat this for all of your nails and you are good to go!

Now, something that they don’t tell you to do is apply top coat. I would highly recommended doing this because it allows your nails to stay in better condition for a longer period of time.

Are you your own brand?

You might be noticing a trend with my posts…I’ve been reading a lot of links! These articles have been getting me to think about things in a new light and you might be shocked by this article.

This article is from an escort who came from Russia at a young age and she talks about how she made it into a career but only so she could pay for school.

Now, I’m not trying to tell all of you that escorting will save you a lot of time and make you a lot of money, but there is one thing that she says that made me think…

That’s the raw material. It’s my product, so I took care of it.

Now she says this in regards to her body, but all women do the same thing. When we go on job interviews, we are marketing ourselves to fit into that specific job description that was posted. We will style our hair, paint our nails, put on makeup, and buy an outfit to impress. We are marketing ourselves for the sake of a potential job.

We aren’t escorts but if you think about it, we are promoting ourselves in a very similar way.

It wasn’t until I read this article that it put it into perspective for me. When I go on interviews I practice a mock interview, get ready, make sure I don’t have food in my teeth before I walk into the building which is similar to her. She gets into her “character,” dresses nicely, and makes sure she is prepared for the night.

We are both selling a service for money. For me it would be public relations or graphic work, but for her its her body.

Now back to the topic, in our everyday lives we do specific things that contribute to our brand. If you are a funny person, then you probably tweet funny tweets. If you are a fashionista, then dressing well everyday contributes. Stuff like contributes to your brand.

Don’t try to mimic someone’s brand! Each brand is unique and important to each individual person. You don’t need fancy logos or slogans, just own what you are and stick to it because that is your brand!

Chilvary, is it really dead?

Recently I went on a first date and after the date I went onto Facebook and saw a shared link about if chivalry was dead or not. This got me to start thinking about it…

I found myself agreeing with this article. (If you didn’t read it yet, then this post will be a spoiler). In today’s society there is what many of us call a “hook up culture,” but nothing of substance ever develops from those types of relationships.

If we want a man to treat us well, other than in bed, then we need to stand for it. Honestly when I went on my first date I was surprised that he opened all of the doors and paid for everything that night. When I told one of my friends that he opened the door she thought I was talking about the door to my house; when I said in general, she had no idea what I was talking about, which makes me agree with this article.

You can call me old fashioned or even anti-feminist but it will not change my view. It does not make you weak to not open the door or for him to pay, even if you have the money. It is simply all about being treated with respect by someone that should respect you especially in a relationship.

I’m not gonna lie I may be a little old fashioned compared to most because I was raised by my grandmother and I still get her history lessons to this day, but I will no longer stroke the vulnerable ego of any men today.

Because of this I think our roles have changed. It’s not because we as women want to say we can pay, we can call the shots, or we can open our own doors; but rather it is about how men how a man respects a woman.

It is simply about demanding respect from our partners and we will give it to them in return.

Respect is not automatically given, they need to earn it.

So, yeah chivalry is dying but it can be revived.